Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today was a weird day for me! I was running late for work this morning, and from the time I got to work until the time I left for home at 5pm I never really felt like I accomplished much.  I know I did because of the stack of outgoing mail I when I left, I just never really felt any release of pressure.  I got my medical leave approval today! This is particularly exciting for me because my experience  with HR was not a good one.  Coming from an HR major (and HR-lover) my situation was handled all wrong.  But not everyone can be as friendly and as smart (ha!) as me. 

Throughout these last two weeks, where I have really started to make my decision known - the majority of the people I come in contact with are fantastic and supportive.  But sheesh there are some that are just downright "Negative Nancys."  I honestly would like to know how they think they are helping.  I understand that some people live there lives looking for ways to "critique" or demean others - but that is NOT how I choose to live my life.  So ... since it is Jersday in my world - I will quote the infamous Deena "GET OFFA ME"  I subject myself to people like that all the time - and I never know I am doing it until it is over and I am questioning myself or my intentions.  Sorry this is so short, but it's late and I have had enough of today! Sweet Dreams.

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