Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I had decided not to blog tonight, but when I got on to check out my dashboard I saw that somewhere during the course of today I hit 870 views.  It's pretty cool for those of you who have never blogged, you are able to see the time of day that people access your blog.  Of course you don't know who they are just that they are watching.  I am growing more and more excited each day, watching how excited all of you are to see how I do with this.  On my spreadsheet tonight it was very obvious that you all checked in around bedtime to see if I had written anything! Pretty cool, so sorry it is late - I need some new blog topics though.  Although I have only been blogging a week or so, I am running out of things I feel like are interesting or relevant.  So if you guys can think of things you would like me to blog about by all means feel free. 

One of the things that my roommate and I are doing is compiling a list of things that we are gonna be able to do instead of eat.  Next week starts our two weeks of liquid - so there is going to be a lot of spare time on our hands.  I know you don't think we spend a lot of time eating, but we normally get home from work around 5 and spend about an hour cooking dinner and then we eat and spend an additional thirty minutes cleaning the kitchen and putting up left overs.  On nights that we have friends over (which most nights we do) we spend much more time than that.  So that is an additional two hours a night (or 10 a week) which we are going to need to have something else to do!!! So we started to compile this list last week and then we are going to put all of our ideas in a fish bowl and when we are just about ready to go crazy or gnaw each other's arms off we can pull out an idea. (Also open to suggestions on this!)

Today I had an influx of random encouragements - more than one person at work went out of their way to tell me how excited they were for me or how much they enjoyed my blog.  I started my job in July, and since then haven't had a ton of luck "fitting in" socially at my job, but over the last few weeks I have found myself being drawn to certain individuals in my department and I am really loving that.  When I started I only knew two people in my department, one of which was my cubie mate for my first 90 days.  Her and I developed a  pretty steady friendship through this, and today she made a point to tell me how excited she was.  We started a brief conversation about what parts I am most looking forward to about this whole process, and I have to honestly say I am excited to be able to MOVE! I have never in my life been able to run.  I have never thought it sounded like fun, but hell I can guarantee if I am able to run- I will probably running everywhere!!

I also had some sweet comments from my roomie's family that brought tears to my eyes.  I really cannot express how relieved I am that God sent me this situation at this particular time in my life.  So if you add my wonderful work blessings, great home settings, add in lunch with my parents and some very kind text messages.  It overall makes for a great day.  7 days till transformation begins.  Stay tuned ...


  1. I pray for you every day Erin! You will do great!!!

  2. Ladies' bible study class prayed for you today. We are excited for you and all the possibilities.