Sunday, February 12, 2012

My dad & Whitney

Tonight I am mourning the death of Whitney Houston, while I obviously did not know this singer, the news of her death hurts my "musical soul."  She had one of the best voices in the history of music.  I will be listening to Whitney jams this week and hopefully watching "Bodyguard."

This weekend in Russellville with my parents, we watched "50/50" and "Courageous".  50/50 was a great movie about a young man who is diagnosed with cancer.  It was such a great story.  Courageous on the other hand had a really good message to fathers, but it seemed a bit "preachy" and it was incredibly emotional.  I cried and cried.  *Spoiler Alert*  In the movie, one of the scenes is of a daughter asking her dad to dance.  Later in the movie, after the daughter is no longer living, the dad has an emotional moment of yelling "I should have danced! Why didn't I dance?"  In case I never get a chance to say it, in my life, my dad always dances!!

When I was in the fifth grade, my dad chaperoned a trip to Huntsville, Alabama - Space Camp with 20 other eighth graders.  There was a ride called a gyroscope who the attendant swore would not make you sick because as many circles as it rolled you in your stomach stayed in the same spot.  He declined the offer to be the chaperone to try, so I preceded to beg him "Please dad! It won't make you sick - he said so! Please!"  So of course, I saw the defeat in his eyes - and he reluctantly started toward the ride.  Now as a good daughter, this should have been enough (that he was willing to) but it wasn't and he went on about 8 rounds of circles - side to side, head over heel, twisting and turning into all imaginable positions.  When it was all over with, he was sick for hours!! So this is an example of something that my dad absolutely did for me, that he did not want to do.  My dad is a hardworking man, and because of that - I will never have to want for anything.  He has made absolute sure that my brothers, my mom and I will always have everything that we need.  I can only pray that one day, I can meet a man, that is half the father and husband that he is. 

So with Whitney Houston on my mind, and my dad in my heart - I am settled in watching the Grammy's.  Two more days of regular foods.  Two days till lift off!   Stay tuned...


  1. Wishing you much success! I admire anyone who undertakes such a goal. Love your blog. I will be following your progress.