Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today was fabulous! Sunday Funday has a new meaning 'round here.  I spent the day with my parents, and my youngest brother, Max.  My dad made me a new bed, I am so thankful that he is so handy!! My bed looks great and now, my room does as well.  So we cleaned (and I mean CLEANED) my room.  Window sills, floors, closets, drawers - my room is spotless.  As far as my liquids go - I am really doing better than I expected.  I had some Greek yogurt this morning with some Max Protein - Strawberry and a teaspoon of SF Raspberry syrup.  It was fairly good, but it got my protein in.  Around lunch I made some Beef Broth and a cup of my new favorite Lavendar Earl Grey tea.  For dinner I had a fudgesicle and cottage chees and a Max Protein - Cookies & Cream shake with Silk - Chocolate (<-- Best protein shake I have had up to this point). 

Tonight after I got my room in order I made my "fish bowl" of things to do rather than snack.  I came up with way more than fifty, so I am excited to start out tomorrow. 

I am so thankful that God has given me strength for this.  I really thought this was going to be a lot harder than it has been.  Besides a breif but intense moment of lust I experienced with a hot dog earlier - I have seriously done incredibly well.  Here it is, 9:53 on Day #2 and I am not hungry at all.  I am actually having to force down my water!! I would have NEVER thought it would be this easy on me.  So ... I have a week full of work and I am heading out of town for possibly the biggest event of my life. 

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