Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Warrior.

I am spending this weekend at my parent's.  Twice a month I work at a rural medical clinic in Auburn, Ky.  It was the job I held before I moved back to Owensboro.  While I finished my Bachelor's at Western, I was able to work 20-30 hours a week at this clinic during it's first six months of operation.  It is such a great place to work.  Great people, busy environment - if I had a more reliable car I would work every weekend.  It gives me an extra $120 a month, and I enjoy it.  Unlike my Monday thru Friday job, where 90 % of my interaction is with an insurance company, when I work at the clinic 80 % of my interaction is with patients.  It allows me a nice break in my day to day.  I am also able to visit with the 'rents - so I can kill two (or three) birds with one stone!

I got an additional job offer today (more details later) but it looks like shortly I will be working 3 jobs and possibly making some moves with this blog! Hustla, Hustla (with my Katt Williams dance)

After work today my parent's and I have big plans to shop for Liquid Diet/Pre-Op/Hospital/Post-Op supplies.  I have a feeling we will be shopping at a lot of places that we have never even been in before - what an indictment on us.  There really is something to this treat your body well and it will return the favor thing (I hope).  A few years ago I read Skinny Bitch , in addition to meeting one of my favorite people of all times, this book opened my eyes to some of the ways our foods were processed and the possibilities of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.  Although I will never, and I repeat NEVER give up my chicken & red meat, it was still a really neat concept. 

So, I am within an arm's reach of my life changes and I instead of feeling nervous and anxious, today I am totally at peace and eager even.  In order to fail, I have to at least try - I got this! I am prepared to prove people wrong and to make others proud.

Sorry I missed the post last night - my day was spent working, traveling and enjoying my parents! Have a great rest of the weekend!!

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