Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Real

Sorry for the absent post yesterday, I was busy watching my men get beat, yet again after making it back to the Super Bowl.  This weekend marked my last one out and about with my friends for awhile.  It couldn't have gone any better.  I had just the right amount of friends to make it feel like a celebration, and just enough drama to make me not want to do it again for awhile.

The last few weeks I have started "making rounds" with my friends, while I am confident this surgery will have no complications, I just want to get as much face time as possible with the people I love.  Today it felt like things were finally getting "real."  My surgery is three weeks away and I am really starting to get nervous. I know in my heart I am making the right decision, I am just having so many doubts.  Throughout this whole thing I haven't really been afraid, but today I felt it.

Halfway through the day I got a text from my roommate that said, "From this day on - write your fears down, in no particular order just on a scrap of paper, and then write down the positives when you get home we will talk about it." Great idea, right?  But today I don't really know what I am afraid of.  Change?  The Unknown? Being alone?

It's just a Monday and I am sure this feeling will pass, or get worse.  God is in control of my future! If He is with me, how could I possibly be afraid?

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