Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 1: Harry and Loyd

So I have taken a two day hiatus from the blog posting world.  I have been trying to enjoy my last two days of normal living, and also been trying to organize my thoughts before venturing towards another emotional post.  Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I had a very nice dinner date with my favorite take out foods and a few of my favorite friends.  I received chocolates from my mom, very cute flowers from my dad, and Lady & the Tramp on DVD from my roommate.  All in all it was a very successful day. 
My FB timeline was inundated with two extremes, people either hating Valentine’s Day or people beaming over their gifts, flowers, loves or even engagement rings.  I have been a single girl for the past 27 Valentine’s Day, and I still think it is a wonderful holiday.  I agree with most of the “V-Day Haters” that people should show their loved ones affection on more than just 1 day of 365, but the hard reality is that most don’t.  Some men simply forget to be romantic and/or affectionate, and Valentine’s Day is just a reminder.  Coming from a lifelong relationship with two brothers and a best friend that would literally forget their heads each day if they were not attached – I quickly learned that that was no indication of how often they thought of me or even how much they cared about me. 
I had a little hiccup in the plan, in that I received news on Monday that my surgery precertification with my insurance was denied.  I have a great bunch of girls in Nashville working towards getting this rectified, but when I called their office yesterday to check that all was in motion- the nurse said that I should go ahead and start my liquids on Saturday.  SATURDAY!! A whole four extra days to prep for liquids and my new life, this was great news … except that we had eaten ALL the food in our house preparing for liquids. Tonight we spent the night at the grocery buying every imaginable calorie free drink, every flavor broth, Greek Yogurt and to our disappointment Wal-Mart was COMPLETELY out of Sugar Free popsicles.  We did, however purchase two gorgeous orchids (half off V Day gifts) and named them Harry and Loyd – so let’s see how long we can keep them alive.
I started my nightly exercising tonight, as recommended by my MD.  His recommendation is simply that I move more, his literature recommends 10 minutes a day - I feel that is most likely for individuals who cannot get around.  I am fairly active.  So I have set my goals on 30 minutes a day, and today I definitely accomplished that.  So although I ate solids foods, Day #1 has been a success.  And tomorrow I am looking forward to Jersey Shore night and some Just Dance 3 competitions with my Shore Crew.  Stay Tuned…

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