Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting Busy

It has been a month since my last post.  I know that many of you are curious as to what I am feeling, how I am doing, if I am still trucking, etc.  Life has definitely changed for me.  In many ways, I am grasping for ways to keep things somewhat normal.  Of course, this attempt is futile.  Everything about me has changed.  I have spent this last month, trying to spend as much time as possible with my family and closest friends - "getting busy living" - because my new life motto is "If you aren't busy living - you are busy dying!"

I have an exciting summer planned - full of vacations, dinner parties, and celebrations!  As far as my diet goes - I am eating normal foods (just very little bits).  The only foods that I am to steer clear of are raw fruits and vegetables and sweets.  I am on a low calorie, low carb diet - but that is a lot easier now that my stomach holds approximately 1/2 cup of food.

I am having trouble getting my liquids in, but the protein has not been a problem as of yet.  It seems that the foods I want to eat are mostly protein-heavy foods.  As of the last time I weighed, I was down 70 lbs.  I have gone from 412 - 342.  I have an appointment next week, and we are coming  up on the 3 month visit.  People are really starting to notice my weight loss, and as my family said this weekend, the "life" is back in my eyes. 

I am still looking forward to doing many of the things I have been unable to do thus far in my life.  As far as my personality goes, I am not sure if it has changed.  I am a little more subdued and cautious then I have been.  I am probably not as much fun, but I can still love recklessly and am hopeful that the future is full of joy and laughter.  I guess you would have to ask my friends, about whether or not I have changed. 

So - there it is, in five paragraphs or less - my progress!