Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Future is Bright

I am a “List” person.  My whole life I have been.  I make to do list, have done list, would like to do list, you get the point.  I currently have lists of my closest friends, lists of my family members and their spouses, lists of potential kid’s names, Bucket lists, grocery lists, wish lists, honey-do lists.  You name it, and I probably have a list somewhere for it. 
One of the bloggers I follow recommends that you make a list of things that you are excited about once you reach your weight loss goals.  So I am going to post my list.
I am excited to borrow my friend’s clothes.  For years I have “gotten ready” with the girls before a night out and watch them try on each other’s clothes for hours.  Although I am envious to be able to share shirts with my girlfriend’s I am not entirely sure that all of that will be good.  I have also been involved in instances where spills or tears or cigarette burns have happened – and the situation can get ugly pretty fast.  So while I don’t want to make it a habit.  I am very excited to get in on this routine.
I am excited to be able to go shopping with my girls or my mom and not continue to buy only jewelry or purses.  There is a total of 3 stores in our area that carry big women clothing, and eventually that all gets a little monotonous. 
I am excited to wear stilettos.  Even though they look like the most painful thing on earth, they are also incredibly sexy with the right outfit.  It will be a nice change from sneakers and flip flops.
I am excited to ride a motorcycle, I probably could have before (But can we say bear on a bike? Tell me you didn’t get that image in your head, ha!)
I am excited to be able to cut a rug! Most of you know I love to dance, and am fairly good at it.  I just hate to do it in public because I feel like the line in Steel Magnolias about two pigs fighting underneath a table cloth.  I mean let’s face it, even if I was the best dancer – there aren’t a whole lot a people who can appreciate my moves dressed up in a fat person’s body.
I am excited to walk into a room and actually enjoy the stares. 
I am excited to sit in a strange chair, or to lay in a strange bed, and not hold my breath in case it creaks.  I have a funny story about chairs actually – probably more than one – but a good friend of mine used to have lounge plastic chairs on her back patio, that really no one over 150 lbs should ever set in.  But for some reason, I had the idea that if I only sat in them for a short period of time I would be okay.  Boy was I wrong, broke the legs off the chair – ended up on my back flailing and laughing.  About a month later the same friend and I were out to eat and she got a call from her dad who was laughing hysterically and said “I pulled an Erin, I broke the chair!” We got a good laugh and still to this day love to yell that line every once in a while.
These are just a few things on my list, but you get the point.

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