Monday, August 27, 2012

Six months later

I had my six month post-op visit over the weekend, and while I am happy to announce that most of my co- morbidities have been cured and I have lost a total of 105 lbs., I am also not where my surgeon would like me to be.  I must admit that I have become lax on the strictness of my high protein – low carbohydrate diet.  While as a lifestyle change, I am much more focused on protein, I had begun to add in carbohydrates at an alarming rate and also add in liquid calories (Starbucks – eek!)
Over the last month I have really started to notice the change in my thinking when it comes to food as being a fuel and no longer a comfort/joy.  I have started to get annoyed with people who fill their bodies with nothing but processed foods or high sugar drinks, and then proceed to complain about the way they feel.  Again I find it strange being the biggest girl in the room, but being the healthiest.
These past few months have been emotionally reeling, and where I would normally turn to food as a comfort or a solace.  I find myself abandoning it!  Where I would once eat an entire package of Oreos after a fight with a friend, I now skip meals at a time finding it hard to enjoy it at all.
For those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning, I am in my first wedding next month – as Maid Of Honor, and must say am pretty excited about the way the dress fits!! I also tried on my first pair of high heeled shoes.  I am one step closer to accomplishing some of my goals.  I am far from thin, but I am also far from where I have started.  As the lab tech so eloquently put it on Friday, “Hell, you have lost a Titans cheerleader!!”
I also came in contact with a lady at my work not to long ago that was a complete stranger.  She went out of her way to comment on how I had lost a lot of weight and asked how I had done it.  I explained to her about the surgery and my lifestyle changes, and she said "Well you look great," instead of stopping with that compliment, my co-worker went on to say, "I am also trying to lose weight, but I am doing it the hard way!"  For those of you who think that this way (surgery) was an easy way - I recommend that you think again.  While my successes have been more immediate, this was and is not easy! I still have to diet and excercise with the rest of them.  My smaller stomach is just a tool.
The plan is to hit the diet hard again for 30 days and go back to my surgeon.  I am feeling great and looking even better than that ;)

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