Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back at it!

Today is Post-Op Day #4. I am experiencing minimal pain (almost like someone kicked me in the gut). I am experiencing a little buyer's remorse (I really want a normal meal). I am also experiencing strange gurgling from my new stomach. Other than those things this process has been tolerable. I've received some gorgeous flowers and sweet cards from friends and family. One more week at my parent's and I'll be back among the living.


  1. I just recently found your blog. I too will be undergoing the sleeve gastrectomy soon. (In just a few days!) I look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Hi Erin, nice to meet you. 1st visit here (from Twitter) - have to laugh reading this post - I thought you said that you received some "gorgeous flowers and *sweet CARBS* from friends and family" ha!

    Happy journey!! c'ya on Twitter.